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Request: Pirate!PrussiaxReader: Being Brave
"All hands! All hands!"
You stirred from your sleep. You stretched and blinked your eyes open. Looking around the cabin a bit, you realized you were alone. You sat up and got dressed. You walked over to the large dresser and pulled out the new dress your fiancé bought for you. You washed up at the washing bowl and looked in the mirror. You smiled at yourself and walked over to the door.
You opened the door just a bit and the sunlight came flooding in. You leaned against the doorpost and heard your dear fiancé speak to his crew.
"Now I am sure you are all familiar with a certain pirate that haunts the Mediterranean."
"Aye," the crew replied.
"Our glorious queen has told us to capture this criminal who has been raiding our ports and many other ports of the world. Well men, I called you all here to tell you that our search has come to an end. This morning, our watchman has spotted him. I want all of you to go to your battle stations and be strong. Is that understood?"
"Aye, Capt
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Request: SuFin Family: 2006
It was early summer around the end of June. Peter just got out of school and Berwald had the day off. We decided to stay home and have a nice big lunch as a family. It was one of those mornings where you feel relaxed and carefree. Peter helped me clean the whole house yesterday, and only breaking a vase or two in the process.
Berwald was outside giving Hanatamago a bath, while Peter played with his action figures in the grass by the pool. Kiku gave Peter a whole set of those action figures even though I said he had way too many. I find one in almost every corner of the house! Even in my office on my stack of letters!
"Mummy!" Peter ran into the kitchen where I was cooking, "What are you cooking for lunch?"
"The meatballs we got from IKEA the other day," I said, while stirring the gravy.
"Really?! Yes! Did Daddy want them?"
"Of course, Peter! Daddy always wants IKEA's meatballs,"
"Did someone call me?" Berwald walked in through the patio door with a couple soapsuds on his clothes.
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Request: Spamano: Valentine T.V.
WARNING THERE IS SOME LANGUAGE said by Romano obviously
They snuggled on the couch. Lovi pouting as Antonio put his arm around him.
"Just let me watch TV in peace, bastardo!"
"Let's see what else is on," he replied completely ignoring Lovino. Antonio clicked the remote and flipped through the channels. He stopped on a Spanish channel.
"Can we watch something we can both understand?!"
Antonio laughed as Lovi stole the remote from him. He punched in some random number hoping it was something in Italian to get back at Antonio, but it was wheel of fortune. Close enough, he could still beat him in these questions.
"Welcome to our Valentines episode of wheel of fortune!" the host said.
"Perfect show, Lovi!!" Antonio said.
"Let's play a game! Whoever guesses the word right gets to do that action to the other person."
"Fine bastardo,"
"Ok, the topic is emotion. We have Ludwig going up first!" the host announced. Ludwig spinned $100 and guessed the letter N. One of five of the boxes l
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PruAusHun: They Both Gave Me Love
The car rocked back and forth as the train went over the tracks. It made me grab onto the seats as I made my way to the back of the car to see my friend Toris. This train was taking many of my acquaintances and me to a vacation spot by the beach. World meetings could be stressful, so Ludwig organized a little vacation for all of us to relax and have fun.
"Look how beautiful the ocean is, Elizaveta!" Toris called from the seat. I sat down next to him. The track was along the coast and it truly was beautiful. The slowly setting sun was making the water glisten.
"I can't wait for this break! We've been working our butts off at the meetings, huh?" I said.
"I know, but I don't understand why Gilbert is here. He doesn't even attend the meetings," he whispered.
"I heard he kept bugging Ludwig saying, 'West you've gotta let me go! You can't have fun without the awesome me!'" I whispered back. Gilbert was a couple of seats ahead of us talking to Roderich.
"Feliks told me different. He told me t
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Request: RomanoxReader: Have a Terrible Day
"Ok, I need to return the pickaxe, and buy some cheese balls, napkins, goldfish, and canned tomatoes," you went over the list again in your head. Walmart. You parked your car and got a cart and walked across the parking lot. You had the pickaxe in that cart and walked through the automatic doors.
At the entrance there was an employee handing out smiley face stickers. He had dark brown hair, amber eyes, with a random curl sticking up. "You have a return? Over there ma'am," he pointed off to the counter to your right. He handed you a sticker, "Have a terrible day."
He was upset to have this post, you could tell. You looked at his nametag and said, "Thanks, Lovino," you walked the cart over to the counter. A cheery man that looked exactly like Lovino except with lighter hair called you over to the counter. Next to him was a serious blond man with bright blue eyes.
"Welcome to Walmart! I see you brought back the pickaxe, what was wrong with it?" you placed the pickaxe on the counter.
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Play Freely by haiyuong Play Freely :iconhaiyuong:haiyuong 0 0
Request: PrussiaxReader: Gilbird Approves
'Another day,' you thought to yourself. That English bastard had been dragging you to these world meetings for the past six months. Of course you could never go inside. You were only a territory. 'I wish I could just move out of Arthur's house and live on my own.'
At least it was a nice day out. The sun was out with a few patches of clouds covering the sky. A little yellow bird was chirping in a nearby tree. It flew closer and closer to you. Eventually it was standing at you feet, "Why hello there," you said. It just chirped.
"His name is Gilbird," a voice said. You looked up and saw a man with silver hair and peculiar, red gleaming eyes.
"He's your bird?" you asked.
"Yup, the awesome me owns that bird," he said arrogantly.
"I've never seen you around here before," you said.
"Mainly because I'm too awesome to come here in the first place," he sat next to you and Gilbird flew to his shoulder.
"Umm… ok. So why are you here now?"
"B-because… my brother is… uh…. Forcing
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SuFin: Ski Trip
"I sure hope the weather is fine!" Tino said enthusiastically from the passenger seat.
"It will be," Berwald said monotonously. Tino just continued to smile. Berwald looked over at his wife, and then resumed to focus on driving. They drove up the mountain until snow covered the side of the road.
"Doesn't the snow remind you of Christmas?" Tino remarked. Berwald grunted. They passed a little village and continued a bit north after that. "There it is!"
Berwald parked the car in front of Tino's vacation cabin. It was a cozy little thing. They popped the trunk open and Berwald grabbed both of their suitcases.
"Here let me help!" Tino said, but he just got a death glare from the quiet Swedish man. "Or you could just take both."
Tino opened the door and flicked on the lights. He took a long sniff and sighed; "I missed the smell of this cabin!" he took off his scarf and beanie. Berwald took the suitcases to the room. "You could just leave them here!" Tino called. No response.
Tino cooked a wa
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Gerita: Why?
We were having coffee at an Italian café. Just him and me. We were talking about pasta, and pasta, and more pasta. He obviously refused to change the subject, but I allowed it. I loved his sweet smile. I loved his little curl.
"Doitsu, I got this watch from Japan the other day!" he shoved his wrist into my face. I saw the small hearts along the rim. "Every time I look at it, I think of you! Ve~"
I smiled slightly. I don't know why I love him, but something about his personality caught me attention. "That's a nice watch Italy," I replied.
"You really think so?!" he yelled. He raised his hands in the air and knocked over my coffee and it spilled all over him. "Oh no!" his smile quickly turned into a frown. I got out of my seat and wiped the coffee off of his shirt. "Thank you, Doitsu!"
I grunted. I walked back to my seat and checked to see how much coffee I had left in my cup. There wasn't much left. He smiled instantly as if nothing happened. I loved his smile.
"I went to big brother Fr
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Wedding: EnglandxReader
Arthur took you out to the beach after having dinner with him. The two of you walked hand in hand on the sand along the orange, glistening water. You kicked off your shoes and ran to the water and he followed right behind you, struggling as he tried to roll his pants up. "Hey hold on a minute!" he called. You turned around and laughed as you watched the Englishman struggle. Finally he caught up to you. The two of you splashed water on each other.
"AH!! ARTHUR!!" you cried after he got your hair wet. He only laughed and ran away as you tried to get revenge. You chased after him, but he stumbled and fell in the wet sand. You heard him curse under his breath. His clothes and face was covered in the moist sand. "C'mon." You grabbed his hand, dragged him to his feet, and walked him over to your shoes where a towel was. The two of you sat down in the sand.
"This is my new coat too!" he cried.
"Oh don't be a baby," you said. You picked the towel up and dried his blond hair like a child. You h
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Summer Morning by haiyuong Summer Morning :iconhaiyuong:haiyuong 0 0 The Lotus by haiyuong The Lotus :iconhaiyuong:haiyuong 2 2


Mummy Frigga is not pleased by Arkham-Insanity Mummy Frigga is not pleased :iconarkham-insanity:Arkham-Insanity 2,323 222 Sherlock + John by sandara Sherlock + John :iconsandara:sandara 8,823 495 APH Gangnam Style: S. Korea by Cioccolatodorima APH Gangnam Style: S. Korea :iconcioccolatodorima:Cioccolatodorima 4,961 535 'The Embrace' by AlexRuizArt 'The Embrace' :iconalexruizart:AlexRuizArt 6,368 327
Imprisoned Seeking Solace-Chapter Twenty
After about six hours and the setting of the sun, Thor and Jane finally got the 'Okay' to let you get back to Loki.  You trekked tiredly through the castle back to your and Loki's apartment.  The guard let you in without question.  Your eyebrows lifted as you saw a trail of red rose petals.  It led to about the middle of  the living room, then forked into two separate paths, one toward the hallway to the rest of the place and one toward the darkened corner of the living room.  Next to the latter trail, there was a note, written in Loki's elegant hand, reading 'Follow Me First.'  You smiled.  This must have been part one of the surprise.  When you followed the path, you came upon a stunning dress, in your favorite color.  Pinned to it was a note: 'Put me on, then follow the other roses.'
You chuckled and found a secluded corner in which to change.  The dress fit you like a glove
:iconreaperrose:ReaperRose 139 148
GermanyxReader: Ich Liebe Dich
Ludwig Beilschmidt. Younger brother to Gilbert Beilschmidt. Best friend of Feliciano Vargas and Kiku Honda. Personification of Germany. And boyfriend to you for a year and six months.
You loved life with the strict German. Ruining his schedule and seeing him flustered made you day. Of course Germany had his soft side, which you usually brought out when you acted cute and adorable.
Now you were getting restless.
"Gilbert, I have a question."
"Ja?" he asked taking a swig from the beer bottle you had brought him as a peace offering.
You took a deep breath, "How can I umm, get Ludwig to notice me…more?"
He laughed and whispered something in your ear that if I wrote it down I would have to give this mature rating.
You blushed hard and shouted, "Not like that!!!" Taking the beer bottle away from him you proceeded to beat the snot out of him. "I would never!"
"Maybe that's why-!"
"We haven't even done it yet!!!"
Prussia laughed even harder.
Angrily you walked out of the room.
:iconbanshee-scream:Banshee-Scream 151 46
A variety of Tom Hiddleston by marzo20 A variety of Tom Hiddleston :iconmarzo20:marzo20 1,410 86 loki'd ! by pinkwater1211 loki'd ! :iconpinkwater1211:pinkwater1211 469 97 Keep Calm You Just Got Loki'd by RainDragonX Keep Calm You Just Got Loki'd :iconraindragonx:RainDragonX 225 17 The Avengers - He's real by maXKennedy The Avengers - He's real :iconmaxkennedy:maXKennedy 4,532 615 Two kings by GoreChick Two kings :icongorechick:GoreChick 593 98 Hiddle'd by clairebearer Hiddle'd :iconclairebearer:clairebearer 713 132 The Biggest Lie by NepherimCrystal The Biggest Lie :iconnepherimcrystal:NepherimCrystal 575 46 Down the Rainbow Bridge by MZ15 Down the Rainbow Bridge :iconmz15:MZ15 889 101 The breath escapes my lips by thatoddowl The breath escapes my lips :iconthatoddowl:thatoddowl 200 31 the King by LindaMarieAnson the King :iconlindamarieanson:LindaMarieAnson 1,213 165



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United States
Hey!! I'm haiyuong (a rough translation of my Korean name)!!

Things that interest me are hetalia (Italy, Austria, England, Sweden, Prussia is growing on me O_O, etc.), violin, drawing, spending time with friends <3, and tea (mainly British ^^).

I have a shared account with :iconvivtheviolinist: and :iconninjabunny1: called neinwerewriting you should check it out if you love hetalia as much as we do!!

You're awesome, last thing I'm gonna say!!
Hey everyone! I'm kinda stumped in this one EnglandxReader I'm working on, so in the meantime PLEASE REQUEST SOME ONESHOTS I CAN WRITE. I have no ideas in my noggin, except for a PruHun, but idk if I should write that... there have been some disagreements with the plot ;)
So anyways, suggest a pairing and whether you want it fluffy or angsty. Thanks!!


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