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January 25, 2012
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"Ok, I need to return the pickaxe, and buy some cheese balls, napkins, goldfish, and canned tomatoes," you went over the list again in your head. Walmart. You parked your car and got a cart and walked across the parking lot. You had the pickaxe in that cart and walked through the automatic doors.

At the entrance there was an employee handing out smiley face stickers. He had dark brown hair, amber eyes, with a random curl sticking up. "You have a return? Over there ma'am," he pointed off to the counter to your right. He handed you a sticker, "Have a terrible day."

He was upset to have this post, you could tell. You looked at his nametag and said, "Thanks, Lovino," you walked the cart over to the counter. A cheery man that looked exactly like Lovino except with lighter hair called you over to the counter. Next to him was a serious blond man with bright blue eyes.

"Welcome to Walmart! I see you brought back the pickaxe, what was wrong with it?" you placed the pickaxe on the counter.

"Well I got it as a gift from a friend, but I didn't need one," you said. You looked at the man's nametag.

"That's a shame, we sell very nice pickaxes," Feliciano said. He scanned the tag and attempted to carry it over to the back shelf, but it was too heavy. Ludwig, the other man behind the counter, helped him. "Thanks, Ludwig! Ok, now how do I work the register again?"

Ludwig sighed and pushed random buttons on the cash register. BIIIING, and it popped open. "Ok, thirty dollars!" Feliciano handed you the cash, "Have a nice day!"

You thanked them and went off to buy the things you needed. You passed by Lovino who was making little kids cry with his mean remarks as he handed out the stickers, "I see you met my idiot brother," he said as you walked by him.

"He's your brother? He's very nice. Well I have some things to buy," you walked off. 'First the cheese balls,' you thought to yourself. You walked to the food/snacks aisle. You found the cheese ball container on the top shelf. Standing on your tiptoes you grabbed it. While bringing it down, you caused a bunch of other boxes to fall over. They landed on the tile floor with a loud thud.

"Hey, watch it!" a voice said next to you. You looked over and saw the employee, Lovino, "It took me forever to get them up on there!"

"Oh sorry," you said quickly, "Hey weren't you just at the entrance?"

"I was told to switch my position."

"Here, let me help you put these snacks back up," you offered. One by one you handed the boxes to him. Your hands brushed against his on the last fruit snack. You saw him turn quickly towards you.

"Now, go along with your groceries!" he yelled. You walked away with the cheese ball container in your cart. Next, napkins, and you walked towards the party aisle to find some Disney princess napkins for your little cousin.

No matter how hard you looked, you couldn't find any. "Excuse me!" you called to the nearest employee in the blue vest, "Could you help me find something?"

They turned around, "How may I be of assistance, again?" it was Lovino.

"We seem to be running into each other a lot, huh?" you smiled. He walked over.

"What do you need, now?" he grumbled.

"I was wondering if you had any Disney princess napkins," you said.

"We ran out. So just take the Dora ones," he threw a pack of Dora napkins into your cart.

"So, you're not going to check in the back?" you complained.

"Just deal with it," he walked off. Off to the pet section! You found the fish tanks against the wall. Since they each cost about fifteen cents you decided to buy ten. You called over an employee to help you.

"How many fish ma'am?" he asked cheerfully with a Spanish accent.

"Ten, but a little under is fine," you said. Antonio, the employee, scooped up nine fish at once.

"One short! Un momento," he said. While trying to get the last fish, he sprayed water all over you. "LO SIENTO!! I have some napkins here," he pulled out a pack of Disney princess napkins.

"Where did you find those?" you said.

"Oh, Lovino, another employee, searched and searched for them in the back storage saying it was for someone special," Antonio explained.

"Wow, really?"

"Si," he handed you the napkins and you put them in your cart. He tied the bag of fish up and handed it to you as well. "Have a nice day!"

You placed the bag of fish in the child-sitting section of the cart. "Wow, Lovino acts like he doesn't care," you said to yourself. You moved along back to the food section. The pasta aisle was very full. You squeezed your way through to find your canned tomatoes.

Now that you found the tomatoes, which brand should you get? You scanned the descriptions. You found a decent looking one and reached for it, but a hand grabbed your wrist. "Don't choose that one! Take this instead," Lovino's other hand was holding a very bland looking can, "The quality is better in this one, that one is just crap."

You took the can he was holding, "Thank you," you placed it in your cart and strolled away. "Man that guy keeps following me!" you said. The register line was extremely long! So all you could do was look at the magazines and the over priced candy bars.

Someone fiercely tapped you on the shoulder, "Oi, this Greek bastard is taking too long! I'll open up another one," Lovino gestured you to follow. The man in front of you was murmuring with an Austrian accent. Immediately after you followed him to the register, he put the "Sorry, closed" sign right behind your things. This made lots of customers groan.

"Did you find everything, ok?" he asked you.

"Yes I did, I got all the things I needed," you made him look down at his work with red cheeks angrily.

"I'm glad to hear that…"

"____________," you replied.

"____________," he said to himself as he scanned the tomatoes. He bagged your things and carried them.

"You could put it in the cart," you said.

"I don't need that rusty thing!" he yelled. He escorted you to your car, and you popped open the trunk. When he placed the fish inside, the bag burst splashing water all over the two of you. "Dammit Antonio! Tie the bag better!"

"I guess I have to get more fish," you said.

"I'd be happy to assist you, __________."
Ok I want a job at this Walmart! XD This is for ~KeyxLawliet! I hope you all liked it! *hands smiley face sticker*
Special thanks to ~ninjabunny1!! you can have the cheese balls we bought ^^
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way2difficult Dec 30, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
f*ck you lovino (slaps napkins out of his hand) i said i wanted prinnsses not f*cking dora!!! (seriously da f*ck is wrong with dora and great story by the way double thumbs up :D )
Godly-Mischief Dec 13, 2013  Student General Artist
"Oh wow, back again to return all the items that you purchased last night?"
"Yeah, I suddenly discovered that I have no use for five of the same type of wrenches. Silly me!"

That would be me everyday if my Walmart was run by Hetalia characters. 
frighteningfairytale Oct 8, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Pick axe............ BAHHAAABAHHAHAAAAA!! I have awierd seanceof humour...... 
MiaRoseLove Sep 29, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
If my local walmart was run by hetalia characters i think I would just have to live in the camping section. 
Deathwolfdarkness Sep 30, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I totally agree with you n if they banned me well ill live in the vents
MiaRoseLove Oct 1, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Deathwolfdarkness Oct 1, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Haha oh yus
AmIProdigy Jul 10, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
aaaw tsundere romano!
JoseyNicole23 Jul 4, 2013  Professional General Artist
Lol my dad did the same thing he said to the girl '' have a terrible f***ing day" lol
GrudgeKitty Jun 17, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I have a feeling Denmark got me the axe..
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